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LungIQ uses artificial intelligence to generate visual, quantitative reports from chest CT scans, enabling quick and accurate diagnosis of chest conditions

LungIQ helps chest physicians deliver accurate diagnosis and treatment using quantitative disease-specific insights

Detect nodules as small as 3mm, ensuring screening of lung cancer

Missing early lung nodules can delay cancer diagnosis, resulting in poor prognosis. Our reports accurately detect nodules and describe their characteristics - size, volume, lobe, texture and calcification ensuring timely diagnosis and follow-up.

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Estimate COVID19 severity score with lobe-wise involvement  

Manage COVID19 patients with the appropriate care guidelines for home, hospital or ICU care. Our reports instantly estimate the 25-point severity score, along with volumetric involvement  in each lobe with ground glass opacities and consolidation regions.

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Quantify fibrosis textures for accurate diagnosis and monitoring

Monitoring of drug response and appropriate management is key to effective treatment for interstitial lung disease patients. Our reports help estimate severity of fibrosis within the lungs, with detailed break-up of different stages of disease and regions within the lung.

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Identify fibrosis patterns with accurate distribution mapping

Reduce misdiagnosis of interstitial lung diseases using quantitative distribution mapping of fibrosis textures. Our reports visualize distribution of textures from upper - lower and core - peripheral zones, helping diagnose patterns such as UIP.

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Quantify emphysema in the lungs, helping monitor disease severity

The huge burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease makes it difficult to monitor each patients' progress over time. Our reports provide lobe-wise volumetry estimates along with involvement of emphysema regions in each lobe.

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Highest accuracy, always 95%+

Generate reports up to 2x faster

Latest clinical guidelines for all diseases

Compatible with all CT scanners

Works on any PC with internet

HIPAA-compliant privacy controls

Dedicated 24/7 cloud

Turnaround time of under 10 minutes

Ability to review and modify findings

LungIQ seamlessly integrates with all CT scanners and PACS vendors.
Install from any internet-connected workstation to get started!

Accurate Quantification

"Quantification of pulmonary fibrosis has always been a challenge. LungIQ helps pulmonologists diagnose and monitor chronic ILD patients more effectively."

Dr. (Major) Vimal Raj
Narayana Health, Bangalore

Standardized Reporting

"We used Predible's LungIQ software during the 2nd wave of the COVID pandemic to support us in reporting the massive number of cases that we received. Not only did it allow us to quickly issue a preliminary report to patients, it also allowed us to standardize the reporting of CT severity score."

Dr. Harsh Mahajan
mahajan imaging, NEW DELHI
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