Established in 2016, Predible aims to empower healthcare providers with data-driven technology to solve large, unmet clinical needs. We focus on diagnostics for critical-yet-specialized clinical areas through the application of deep learning on radiology imaging.  

Our flagship product, LungIQ, focuses on bridging diagnostics for over 1 billion respiratory patients globally. By empowering radiologists, we believe chest physicians will have the right information to avoid misdiagnosis and detect life-threatening conditions early for their patients.


In this era of burgeoning data complexity, we believe technology will play a critical role in enabling patients receive the best quality of care for themselves and their loved ones.

We aspire to design solutions that unites all clinical stakeholders, right from the radiologist, to deliver a human touch in the patient's care journey while improving clinical outcomes.


Predible was founded by a team of IIT Madras graduates with research expertise in building advanced deep learning technology. for complex 3D imaging. Leveraging on access to large troves of data, we aim to build best-in-class healthcare solutions catering to a global market.

Our team brings together the best minds in machine learning and clinical expertise to tackle deep clinical problems with simple intuitive approaches. Combined with experienced regulatory and commercial leaders, we deliver industry-leading solutions with proven clinical efficacy and patient outcomes.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
Suthirth Vaidya
Chief Technology Officer
Abhijith Chunduru
Chief Architect
Adarsh Raj
Clinical Advisor
Dr Vimal Raj
Deep Learning Engineer
Krishna Chaitanya
Deep Learning Engineer
Sai Saketh Chennamsetty
Deep Learning Engineer
Abhigyan Singh
Front End Developer
Parikshith Chaturvedi
Director - ANZ
Mark Smith
Director - Oceania
Hemant Walter-Rao
Imaging Specialist
Jamshad VK
Imaging Specialist
Chiranjib Ghosh
Imaging Specialist
AV Dileep Kumar
Clinical Validation Specialist
Yashavantha M
QCRA Associate
Shivani Nikam
Graphic Designer
Mayur Chaure
Our Partners