CT Severity Scores for COVID19

The CT Severity Score is an important parameter in the treatment and management of patients with COVID19. The score is calculated based on a quantitative evaluation of the disease involvement in each of the lung lobes. 

The CT Severity Score helps clinicians make better decisions on the appropriate care needed for the patient. Score greater than 10 is considered moderate disease, while a score greater than 16 is considered severe disease.

LungIQ for COVID19 Severity Reporting

LungIQ for COVID19 has been developed on data from thousands of patients which have been carefully scrutinized by our team of expert doctors. Our 3D deep learning technology accurately recognizes all patterns of COVID19 from chest CT imaging. 

The LungIQ Report for COVID19 Severity estimates both the CT Severity Score and the exact volumetric % involvement of COVID19 disease in each of your lung lobes. We also further categorize the disease patterns as ground-glass opacities and consolidations.

LungIQ has been independently validated on a large study of over 500 Indian COVID19 positive patients and shown to have a correlation of 0.9 with expert radiologist readers.

50,000 CTs Processed

50+ doctors active users

0.9 correlation with human reader

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